Sunday, January 11, 2009

ZUP files in NAV 2009

In the previous versions of Navision, all the user changes and settings will be stored in the .zup file(i.e. Recentely opened databases,etc...) and the user menu level table (i.e Shortcuts,etc...). This functionality has been changed for the RTC in NAV 2009.

There are new tables in NAV 2009, some of them are used to store user settings in RTC. Classic client user changes will be still stored in fin.zup file and user menu level table.

2000000071 Object Metadata
2000000072 Profile
2000000073 User Personalization
2000000074 Profile Metadata
2000000075 User Metadata
2000000076 Web Service
2000000078 Chart

As of my knowledge NAV 2009 RTC user changes/settings will be stored like below:

PersonalizationStore.xml: This file is located at \Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV.This file is used to store all user changes like resizing the columns in the pages. You can delete this file, If you want to roll back all the changes.

System will again create this file once you login and logout from the RTC.

Classic client user changes will be still stored in .zup file.

ClientUserSettings.config: This file is located at \Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV.This file is created by installation setup, while installing RTC Client and this holds the parameters useful to call the Microsoft NAV Server. This file holds NAVServer, Instance name, NAV Server port. Once user click the Role Tailored Client to open, process will call the above file.

CustomSettings.config: This file is located at Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Service.

I guess this file is called by the Microsoft NAV Server to connect the SQL Server, related database and holds other important parameters.

2000000071 Object Metadata: As the name specify (i.e. Metadata : Data about Data) this table holds data about all the objects in the database. Data into this table will be inserted while compiling the object.

2000000072 Profile: It is the customization of the user interface (Role Center) for the end-user to match a specific role. Profiles can be accessed from Administration-->Application Setup-->RoleTailored Client. This is the default setup for all users and we can customize the setup for the user using User Personalization.

2000000073 User Personalization: User Personalization is used to assign a configured profile to a user. User Personalization can be accessed from Administration-->Application Setup-->RoleTailored Client.

2000000074 Profile Metadata: This used to store the custom chages done to the profiles.We can delete all configuration changes made for the profiles from Profile Card--> Fuctions-->Clear Configured Pages.

2000000075 User Metadata: In the RTC, if user customize any pages or navigation panes a record will be inserted into this table. This used to store all custom changes done by the user to the pages in the RTC. We can delete all personalization change made by the user from User Personalization Card--> Fuctions-->Clear Personalized Pages.

2000000076 Web Service: I will study this functionality and update soon.
2000000078 Chart: I will study this functionality and update soon.


  1. Thanks - this helped me understand basic principles.