Friday, January 9, 2009

Change Log Entry for the Object table

Microsoft Dynamics Navision has below kind of object types:
Table, Form, Report, Data port, XMLport, Code unit and Menu suite.

Other than the above object types, there are other object types which are hidden and useful for data management.
i.e. Table Data, System, Field Number

Object (2000000001) table holds data for all the above object types.

When a table object (i.e. .fob file) is imported into the database, two records will be inserted into the Object table (2000000001).
1. First record with Type value 0 (i.e. for Table Data). This is useful to manage data in the specific company.

2. Second record with Type value 1 (i.e. for Table). This table object is unique for all companies in the database.
Because of this change log entry table holds two records with “Type of Change” Insertion, one with "Primary Key Field 1 Value” 0 and second record with "Primary Key Field 1 Value" 1.
This only applies to the table object and for the other objects like forms, reports and etc, only one record will be inserted into the object table and change log entry table.

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