Friday, June 25, 2010

Dynamics NAV Testing Framework - Create Handler Functions

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 includes the following features to help you test your application:

  • Test codeunits

  • Test runner codeunits

  • UI handlers

  • ASSERTERROR statement

Application Test Toolset provided by Microsoft includes the Test Runner and sample Test Codeunits.

To create automated tests, you must write code to handle all UI interactions so that the tests do not require user interaction when running. To do this, you create the following special handler functions:

  • MessageHandler: Handles MESSAGE statements.
  • ConfirmHandler: Handles CONFIRM statements.
  • StrMenuHandler: Handles STRMENU statements.
  • FormHandler: Handles specific forms or pages that are not run modally.
  • ModalFormHandler: Handles specific forms or pages that are run modally.
  • ReportHandler: Handles specific reports.

In the following post, I included sample UI Handler Functions which can be used while creating test codeunits.

Signature: MessageHandler <Function name>(<Msg> : Text[1024])

Sample Code:

    PROCEDURE MessageHandler@1100499002(Msg@1100499000 : Text[150]);
      Text001@1100499001 : TextConst 'ENU=Sales Order posted sucessfully.';
      IF Msg <> Text001 THEN
        ERROR('Unknown Message');


Signature: ConfirmHandler <Function name>(<Question> : Text[1024]; VAR <Reply> : Boolean)

Sample Code:

    PROCEDURE ConfirmDialogYes@1102601013(Question@1102601000 : Text[1024];VAR Reply@1102601001 : Boolean);
      Text001@1100499001 : TextConst 'ENU=Do you want to post the Sales Order?';
      IF Question <> Text001 THEN
        ERROR('Unknown Confirm Text; %1',Question);
      Reply := TRUE;


Signature: StrMenuHandler <Function name>(<Options : Test[1024]; VAR <Choice> : Integer; <Instruction> : Text[1024])

Sample Code:

    PROCEDURE StrMenuHandler@1100499000(Options@1100499000 : Text[100];VAR Choice@1100499001 : Integer;Instruction@1100499002 : Text[100]);
      Text000@1100499003 : TextConst 'ENU=&Ship,&Invoice,Ship &and Invoice';
      IF Options = Text000 THEN
        Choice := 1;


Signature: FormHandler <Function name>(VAR <form name> : Form <form id>)

Sample Code:

    PROCEDURE FormHandler@1100499001(VAR FormName@1100499000 : Form 21);


Signature: ModalFormHandler <Function name>(VAR <form name> : Form <form id>; VAR <Response> : Action)

Sample Code:

    PROCEDURE ModalFormHandler@1100499002(VAR FormName@1100499000 : Form 342;VAR ReplyAction@1100499001 : Action);
      ReplyAction := ACTION::LookupOK;

NOTE: UI Handler functions should be specified in the main test function as below.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shortcuts in NAV 2009 (Special for List Page)

In NAV 2009 SP1, we all know that Ctrl+Shift+V is to open the page in View Mode, Ctrl+Shift+E is to open the page in Edit Mode.

Along with the above two shortcuts, we also have Ctrl+Shift+L to open the list page in View Mode, Ctrl+Shift+K is to open the list page in Edit Mode.

image But the second shortcuts (Ctrl+Shift+L, Ctrl+Shift+K) won’t work for all list pages. My learning today is, second shortcuts are only applied to the list pages which does not have a card page attached to it.

For Example: Payment Terms page which has no card page linked will show Ctrl+Shift+L and Ctrl+Shift+K.

imageFor Example:  Item List page which has card page (30) linked will show Ctrl+Shift+V and Ctrl+Shift+E.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dynamics NAV Job Graphs

Job Graphs website provided graphical analytical interpretation of different aspect of Dynamics NAV…

Refer the link to find the details…