Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Report Designing in NAV 2009

  • In NAV 2009, if a report consists of two indented data items, instead of running a nested loop, the records are returned in a flattened state, which means, both data items, the parent and the child are joined, and returned together.
  • There are two new components in the report objects, they are as follows:
    • Request Page
    • Report Definition Language (RDL) data
  • Report chagnes takes advantage of on SQL Reporting Services technology. i.e.
    • Visual effects with charts and graphical representation.
    • Richer aggregates, not only SUM but also AVG, MIN, MAX and more.
    • The possibility to create interactive reports (interactive sorting, hide/collapse item).
    • Out-of-the box export possibility to Excel and PDF for all reports.

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