Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pages in NAV 2009

  • Pages in NAV 2009 has distinct properties that are not available in forms PageType, CardFormID, InstructionalTEXTML, LinksAllowed.
  • In NAV 2009 field's visibility can be controlled by assigning an expression that returns TRUE or FALSE to its visible property instead of Yes or No.
  • Fileds in the pages have an extra property called ExtendedDataType. The options available are as follows:
    • None
    • Phone No.
    • Url
    • E-mail
    • Ratio
  • Every page must have a container which is the top most element of the page.
  • Importance property of the filed in the pages is useful to show the data in this field without cramping all the information together.
  • New Pages can de deployed into the RoleTailored Client by adding the pages into the related Role Center page object.

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