Friday, December 24, 2010

Locking and Unlocking Objects– Auto-Lock on Design

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2, you can lock an object in Object Designer using Lock option. Along with Lock we have other options like Unlock and Force Unlock.

Along with these features you can automatically lock an object while opening the object in design mode.

This option is available in the Tools->Options->Auto-Lock on Design.


Even though you can lock objects, it is still possible for developers to have concurrency issues, as shown in the following examples.

  • A developer opens an object in the designer but does not lock it. The developer makes several changes to the object and saves the changes periodically. At the same time, a second developer locks the object, and the first developer cannot save design changes to the object. The first developer gets an error message that the object is locked by the second developer.
  • A developer locks an object. A second developer opens the locked object in read-only mode, and then the first developer unlocks the object. The second developer still cannot save design changes to the object even though the object is now unlocked because it is open in read-only mode.


  1. The way that you should use check out process is that you set autocheckout on design. And you do not release the check out when you are done. If another developer wants the object, they can talk to the original developer and then use the object (log out and in). You can also nightly checkin all objects.

  2. It's quite a pain in my opinion. Auto-checkout on design.

    Why not follow the treaded path set by Visual Studio: check-out when you start to make your changes??

    Now I'm locking objects left and right when I just want to take a peek at some code...

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