Monday, December 13, 2010

Book Review–Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Programming Cookbook

Intended Audience:

This book seems to more appropriate for people who already have experience with Dynamics NAV and may want to review or have a quick overview of the basics.

I believe that a person with some programming background can also use this as a quick jump start to be able to be able to work on Dynamics NAV.

Content/ Information:

The content of the book is appropriate as per the title. The author has given appropriate technical information to convince the reader. By appropriate information I mean to say that the only specific (more frequently used) information is provided with reference to standard Dynamics NAV coding (wherever necessary).

The sections “How it works” and “There is more”, are really helpful as they are short and to the point.

The author’s style of writing is more informal, without compromising the quality. I really appreciate this style, because I believe the intended audience of this book would rather like to quickly review or update themselves with the content rather than spend time on formal and lengthy notations.

Overall the style completely suits the intended audience.

How did the book affect me?

I really liked the book from Chapter 6 onwards. Because this book has touched the areas in Dynamics NAV which a developer would like to precisely go through. The topics covered under Chapter 6 to Chapter 12 are really interactive and at the same time some parts of it can be used like tips and tricks.

Usually these topics are not covered together and have to be search for and more over the explanations are too lengthy. I believe that these topics are very useful and can be quickly reviewed whenever required with less complexity.

How well the book has achieved its goal?

The book achieves its goal, to be a “cookbook” ! It is precise and to the point. So no complaints, but I would like to place some of my concerns especially in earlier chapters:

  • I would have liked if more functions and data types were covered in Chapter 1, as many a times it mentions us to refer to C/SIDE reference guide for other/ similar kind of functions/data types.
  • The book gives appropriate examples, but forgets to mention the syntax. Nothing major but I think it would help people (especially new to Dynamics NAV) more.

Overall the books do achieves its goal. Here is a quick link to this book.


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