Friday, July 23, 2010

IndentationColumnName and IndentationControls properties

IndentationColumnName and IndentationControls are the page properties in the NAV 2009. These properties are used to indent the controls or columns.

Transformation Tool will automatically convert the following type of code in the form and adjust the above two properties in the page to show the data as indented.

For Example: Form 18, CurrForm.Name.UPDATEINDENT := Indentation * 220;

Now the major problem in the pages is, you cannot use these properties for the fields that are editable and has a table relation.

For example, you cannot indent Item No. or Location Code in the Item Journal page because these fields are editable and has a relation with another table. If you try to indent these fields, while entering the data into these fields, field value is automatically updated with the first value.

If you press “1” in the Item No. field, it will be automatically filled with the first value starting with 1 like “1000”.

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