Monday, July 26, 2010

Book Review - Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Application Design

First of all, congrats and thanks to Mark Brummel for writing a fantastic book and sharing his knowledge in very straight forward manner. When I got a copy of this book, I was very eager to read this and after started reading, my interest also increased from chapter to chapter. I learned new points and recalled my knowledge while reading this book. Instead of explaining basics of NAV, he explained the core points which are important for every NAV professional.

Especially I liked the following points in his book:
  • ‘Look, Learn and Love’ principle is good.
  • He not only explained the functionality and also the history of the functionality. For Example: Manufacturing.
  • How different functionalities are used in various vertical industries.
  • Application Life cycle chapter is useful.
In my opinion, it would be good if the book also covers the following points:
  • Section for keys and indexes.
  • Application Test Toolset.
  • More details about the MRP and MPS.
  • In the Page 33, it is given as “Flow filters can have seven types” but it is flow fields.
Overall this book is suggestible for every NAV professional.
You can order this book from packtpub.


  1. Thanks for the review of my book. Glad you liked it.


    Mark Brummel

  2. You are welcome and again thanks for the book...