Saturday, November 28, 2009

How to block New, Edit and View actions in the ListPage

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV RT Client, pages has default actions like New, Edit, View and etc…imageIn the ListPage, New action is promoted and shown in the New Promoted Category. This action is not promoted in the card part. 

image According to my requirement, I do not want New promoted action in the listpage. This can be achived by customizing the Actions like the following:

image image

But this process should need to be done in every client. The same requirement can be achieved by modifying the TIF information.

For Customer List Example: Remove the CardFormID field value in the TIF information for the Customer List and transform the page to form..

image image image

Limitations: Double clicking the Customer List will not open the Customer Card (Standard Functionality). Work around is to create a new action to open the Card and promote this action.


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