Thursday, October 1, 2009

Save View As in NAV 2009

In the Classic Client of NAV, it is possible to send the forms or reports in the Navigation Pane to the shortcuts using Ctrl+Alt+S or right click on the Item and selecting the “Send to Shortcuts” option.

imageSimilar kind of option also available in the NAV 2009 RT Client. The following exercise will show the procedure to add any form to the Navigation Pane.

Open the Role Tailored Client and select the Sales Orders

imageApply any filter to the Sales Order list page like the following:

image Select the Save View As option like the following:


In the Save View As form you can change the Name accordingly and can change the Activity Group also.


System will also for restart confirmation to effect the changes and select Yes and check Home in the Navigation Pane.


New view is added to the Home and If you open the page you can still see the filters applied previously. Cool….

It is also possible to remove the views added to the Navigation Pane.

Select the Customize Navigation Page option.


Select the page you want to remove and select Remove option (or) Select Restore Defaults to remove all the changes and restore to the default view.


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